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My favourite thing at the moments is to sew beautiful things. Dresses, bags, baby slings. I like my creations to be a bit different and a bit special. I love making things for friends and family as I know they will be treasured.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Knitting nutter...

Well, Isah Boo now has it's very own Facebook page. Feedback has been really positive which is great.

In the midst of all the sewing, when my brain starts to do silly things like sew pockets on the bottom of pant legs, I have gotten back into knitting big time.

So far I have knitted a dress and some longies for Isobel, and a hooded poncho. At the moment I'm using a bamboo/wool blend which is amazingly soft to make a baby's hat. Will hopefully also get around to making matching leggies too. My absolute favourite site for knitting patterns is What a treasure trove!

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