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My favourite thing at the moments is to sew beautiful things. Dresses, bags, baby slings. I like my creations to be a bit different and a bit special. I love making things for friends and family as I know they will be treasured.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The newest baby...Isah Boo

Well, it would seem that I have a new baby. The last couple of days has bought the conception of Isah Boo, my new label of gorgeous, one-off pieces for kids and mummas who care about quality and value individuality. There have been requests for some boys clothes to be included as well, and eager to please, these are now in the pipelines. The pieces you see on the blog are all unique, and so if you are inspired by a fabric or a style, let me know and I will be happy to make you your very own. And of course, as long as they haven't already been snapped up, you will be able to purchase what you see here as well.

Size 18 months

Monday, May 25, 2009

May Days

Life has been busy with a new born, although at four months old I'm ot sure whether she qualifies anymore!

I have been knitting for her. The first is a dress knitted from this pattern: So easy to knit and lovely made in "Smoothie" yarn.

The second is a hooded poncho: (I think I will be making another of these.)

In other news, I have been stocking up on fabrics from Spotlight in the hopes of creating enough pretty dresses and girls clothes to sell. Here are two dresses I made for my niece: