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My favourite thing at the moments is to sew beautiful things. Dresses, bags, baby slings. I like my creations to be a bit different and a bit special. I love making things for friends and family as I know they will be treasured.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All the pretty girls...

Have pretty dresses. Here's one I made to fit an 18 month old. It had to be a warmer dress so I used a fine corduroy and heavy cotton. Ribbons in matching and contrasting colours were added to give it that personal touch, as well as a pocket for storing treasures found.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's in the bag

Problem: My five year old nappy bag was getting old and a little tatty. Plus, it was like, so five years ago!

Problem: I spied some gorgeous fabric but didn't really know what to do with it.

Solution: A new nappy bag! Fully reversible, lots of pockets and completely unique.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bags this one!

So, I am making some gifts and the first is a carry bag. The fabric is a beige Indian cotton duck, the paint a test pot of Dulux! My notions of making a stencil with wax paper were sadly abandoned when the paper wouldn't stick to the fabric, so this was painted free hand.

Painting the print

The finished print, before the bag was sewn.

The finished bag.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keeping it in the family

Proud mummy moment today. Noah has been doing lots of drawing and here are some of the results:Me as a rock star (aged 20 apparently!)

Noah and Mummy in the rain

Spongebob and Plankton

Noah and Mummy (hearts are a theme at the moment)

Our Family, our home and the car (note baby Isobel in my arms).

Friday, March 6, 2009

Isobel's Room

Well, my partner, Nick, and I bought the house in March last year and we have spent the last almost 12 months renovating. We have still to do the bathroom, and bits here and there, but on the whole we have done most of the major jobs.

What was originally going to be my office/sewing room when we first moved in soon became the nursery when we found out Isobel would be arriving in January. Luckily, it was easy enough to add the pink to the neutral colour we had painted the bedrooms, although a lot of people thought maybe we should wait until we actually knew she was a girl. I made her quilt and the fabric canvases to match, as well as the picture frame, which actually has a cork backing so keepsakes can be pinned to it.

Next on the list of things to do when I get some spare time (i.e. in between providing the good stuff on tap) is the curtains. Could take a while...

In the beginning

I am new to this whole blog thing so bear with me if you can. Apart from feeding the somewhat self absorbed side of my personality I am hoping to make this somewhere to exhibit my attempts at being crafty and creative.

Firstly, here are my greatest creations so far, two gorgeous children Noah (5) and Isobel (6 weeks)